Spring Has Sprung! Five ways to get back in the swing!

Winter is drawing to a close. It’s now time to breathe new life into your workouts…

It’s around this time of year that we start to feel that little twinge of hope; “Is it over?!” For those of us who really take advantage of Winter and enjoy sports and activities that make good use of the cold and snow, this could be a slightly sad time. For those of us that just cannot wait for it to be done, it’s an ecstatic time. Whichever category you fall in, the change in seasons, for most of the country, is always welcome – just to keep things different.

But, Spring brings a reinvigorating feeling that has to do with more than just the weather. It’s a time to shake things up. So, here are five ideas to get you moving and changing:

1) Create a new goal. Whether it be a weekly goal to get you started, a monthly challenge or a season-long effort, think about what you want to accomplish and put it down on paper. It’ll give you something to get excited about and push you to start. Sign up for that Spring race!

2) Change up your gear. If you’ve been working over the Winter inside and now you’re headed out, your shoes will show different traffic patterns. Think about running on the treadmill vs. running on the road, your feet move differently. Your soles need a refresher, just like the rest of you!

3) Try something new or shift focus. This goes along with your goal, but perhaps think about a new sport or workout to try, maybe swimming in the pool to get ready for Summer, or strengthening your core to prep for beach season. A little tweak in your outlook or learning a new skill gives you some drive to keep going!

4) Match your activity to the hour. The daylight is longer and the weather is balmy. If you enjoy being outdoors, running, biking, etc., pick the afternoon when the sun and temp are at their highest. Keep your weight training workouts in the morning and leave your new activities to the weekend when you can devote time and just relax and enjoy while getting fit!

5) Start small. Just get out the door. Just move, walk, breathe – take your time, go slowly if you want, even use it as a meditative time. Guaranteed, you’ll want to do more and more each day! It’s also a great way to catch up with friends on a leisurely stroll!

Whatever you do, just enjoy the sunshine, warmth, promise and beauty that Spring brings!



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  1. resultsboss · March 11, 2016

    Great article… Too many people focus on complexity. This is simple, but effective advice

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